Garden Planning: Edible Flowers

Illustration by  Ashley Barlow.

Illustration by Ashley Barlow.

Edible flowers, oh how you make our hearts sing!!

This year, we've decided to turn our attention to flowers that are not only beautiful but edible and pollinator friendly.

So while you're busy finalizing and tweaking your garden designs, consider adding some of these delicious flora friends into your garden, container or corner of the world.

Here's the round up of our picks for 2015:

  1. Pansy -  full sun, lots of water, good in containers or boarders. Recipe, Pansy Flower Cookies
  2. Dandelion - full/partial sun, probably already grows like weed in your yard. Recipe Dandelion Jelly
  3. Carnation - full sun, well drained soil. Recipe Grilled Peach & Carnation Salad
  4. Chrysanthemum - full early sun, well drained soil, fall bloomer. Recipe Roast Chicken Noodle Chrysanthemum Soup
  5. Violet -  sun with light shade, well drained soil, don't over water. Recipe Old Fashion Sweet Violet Syrup
  6. Lavender - full sun, dry well drained soil, smells amazing. Recipe Lavender Honey
  7. Chamomile - sun with light shade, well drained soil, can spread, good for container. Recipe Chamomile Tea
  8. Nasturtium - full sun, easy to grow, good for containers, boarders & kids. Recipe Nasturtium Stuffed Flowers
  9. Rose - full sun, loamy soil, many varieties, needs pruning. Recipe Rose Petal Sorbet
  10. Allium - full sun, well drained soil, deer resistant, bulb. Recipe Allium Blossom Vinegar
  11. Borage - a personal favorite, full sun to partial shade, long bloom. Recipe Candied Borage Blossoms
  12. Lilac - full sun, any soil type, shurb, hardy, low maintenance. Recipe Lilac Scones With Rhubarb Curd