Last Week In Gardening | Colorado Wildflowers & Pines

June has turned out to be quite the adventure month!

First camping in the Boundary Waters and then a surprise bachelorette in Colorado?! Yep. The first few weeks have already been pretty awesome.

If you've ever lived in a house full of ladies that feels more like sisters, you'll appreciate the spirit of this weekend.

We had two soon to be brides, two soon to be moms and one 30th birthday party to celebrate. 12 gal pals from 3 different states, with more middle school, college and life memories than one person could properly recap in any small sentence.

Trip highlights?

- testing out an old wives tale to tell the sex of a baby, and it totally worked!!! (or so we'll find out in a few months)

- seeing a fox up close & personal (new spirit animal?!)

- watching shooting stars & being surrounded by mountains

- being in the company of stellar females & celebrating them properly

- the hot tub time machine, where did time go?!

- tacos. so many tacos. and sharp cheddar cheese :)

During our daily hikes, I couldn't help but notice all the curious varieties of mountain wildflowers. Some I knew and some I had no clue, but I took pics of my favorite regardless.

Nature does a pretty spectacular job of planting things exactly where they need to grow. Even more impressive than the flowers were the trees. But I'll admit, I have a soft spot for trees anyway so I couldn't help but snap a few shots of these majestic beauties.

It wasn't all nature and hiking, we also did a fair amount of drinking.. including stopping at Broken Compass Brewing  in Breckenridge, CO so if you ever make it to those parts, I'd highly recommend trying their Ginger IPA!

And that's about all folks! Hope you get your travel on sooner than later :)

xoxo | cc