Ellie Taylor

What makes you feel strong? 
Hiking. Sweating. Fresh air. Watching my daughter take on new things/risks/fears. And checking things off my to-do list! I’m a working mother – you gotta celebrate the wins, no matter how small and that checkmark feels good.

What was your last piece of nourishment? 
For my growing belly: 
What I should tell you: roasted salted almonds
What I shouldn’t tell you: Cadbury mini eggs
I had both.
For my soul: an honesty-filled lunch date with a good friend. And purging junk out of my house.

What do you grow?
Babies. Ha. I’m 7 months pregnant so that’s top of mind.
Otherwise, I plant a garden of veggies in my backyard, most of which end up not being used since it’s all picked by an over anxious toddler the moment it breaks through the soil.