Lady Briefs (vol.9)

Emily Paul is the director of Kitchen Operations of   The Good Acre  food hub. 

Emily Paul is the director of Kitchen Operations of  The Good Acre food hub. 

Emily Paul

What makes you feel strong?  
Working hard, being honest, admitting I’m wrong, and lifting heavy things

What was your last piece of nourishment?
Beans ‘n franks (qualifier: Clancey’s lamb & mint sausage and Rancho Gordo flageolet beans)

What do you grow?
People, places, ideas, hopefully something edible in my backyard, and love for my new home state of Minnesota


CSA Director Sarah Libertus of  the Good Acre  food hub.

CSA Director Sarah Libertus of the Good Acre food hub.

Sarah Libertus

What makes you feel strong?
 Being outside gives me strength. Being indoors with artificial light and 4 walls; drives me a bit batty. It sounds cheesy, but when I'm outside, I remember to breathe and I feel like I can take on anything.

What was your last piece of nourishment? 
I eat kale and wild rice every morning. I've been ricing since I was a little girl with my dad, so the rice is strong thread throughout my life. The kale I have added in my later years to get my morning shot of greens. It is a delicious combination.  Some mornings, I throw in some sauteed shallots and chicken liver and it's the best breakfast on the planet. I just had kale and rice this morning.  Still fantastic.

What do you grow? 
I grow a lot of basic vegetables and herbs, but my favorite thing that I grow is hops. A friend gave me a couple of random hop rhizomes and I planted them willy-nilly in a field.  Every year these hops get bigger: it is like Jack and the Beanstalk. I have a dream that I pair my magical hops up with a local brewer and I get a delicious beer named after me.

The Good Acre is a nonprofit food hub with a mission to support low-income and immigrant farmers in the Twin Cities, and to increase access for all consumers to healthy, locally-grown fresh produce. Starting April 11th, The Good Acre will offer classes almost every night of the week! Learn the arts of crop and chop as classes taught by local chefs and instructors will focus on bringing more local produce to your table! For more information about The Good Acre CSA and cooking classes, visit