Lady Briefs (vol.10)

Rachel Rolseth

What makes you feel strong?
Using tools and getting sweaty in general. Last year I had to dig and pull out remnants of a tree trunk to make a garden bed. When I finally tore it all out I felt like I could have lifted a car or torn a phone book in half.

What was your last piece of nourishment? 
I've been trying to be better at nourishing myself. Sometimes I can get so caught up in creative projects that I forget to take care of myself. I recently took a bit of a sabbatical to do illustration and travel, which has been creatively and spiritually nourishing.

What do you grow?
I grow a big veggie garden and have houseplants growing out of every corner of my house. I also grow microbes in my kefir and other random ferments. 

We are lucky to have Rachel Rolseth as one of our illustrator contributors for Tootie & Dotes. Recently, she create her own Zine called 'Lady Bits a Zine for Vagina Havers'  that went viral. Now she is producing several creative projects including one focused on educating the local community about the potentials of a Hiawatha Food Forest, which would be the largest in the nation. Stay tuned for more features from us on her inspiring work!