Lady Briefs (vol.11)

Luci Kandler

What makes you feel strong?
Screen printing. Pulling the squeegee against the screen is pretty similar to a rowing motion - as you push the ink through, you apply pressure and pull towards yourself. Each pull, you can feel the muscles in your back and arms. The more work you produce, the more your body shows it.

What was your last piece of nourishment?
I really like to cook, it's one of my favorite things. Normally, that means a good protein and lots of vegetables (can't get enough of that green stuff! Kale! Broccoli! Brussels sprouts!) But, it was so cold and raining on Sunday, I needed something a little extra. I can cook but I'm no baker, the only thing I ever got down was oatmeal cookies- those, I got on lock. I make them loaded with golden and brown raisins, cracked pecans, extra cinnamon, sea salt, and organic chocolate chips. The best part is sharing them - perfect for Monday's long boring work meetings.

What do you grow?
I wish I grew more! I stick to herbs mostly. But I'm lucky, I have two amazing friends (you might know one of them ;) that garden like champs and sometimes there's something leftover. Last summer I went on a trip to Atlanta and became obsessed with fried green tomatoes. There were some green beauties waiting for me at home that I got to experiment with and I'm looking forward to making them again this summer.