Lady Briefs (vol. 12)

Kylee is the founder and creative visionary behind  Girl Creative MSP .

Kylee is the founder and creative visionary behind Girl Creative MSP.

Kylee Leonetti

What makes you feel strong?
My daughter makes me feel strong. She’s pulled me out of myself and pushed me to be stronger and demanded the kind of strength from me that only a daughter can to her mother.  She teaches me daily how to do hard things, gracefully.  Plus she’s just so strong herself, both physically and emotionally, it makes me feel strong to know she came from me and that I’m somehow a part of that.  

What was your last piece of nourishment? 
My last piece of nourishment…food-wise?  Microwave popcorn. I know that’s awful.  Oh, and diet dr pepper!  But I really like carrots with hummus. 

My last piece of soul nourishment is this daily life devotional I’m reading called Savor by Shauna Niequist.  SO GOOD.

What do you grow?
 I grow love. My friend Maria who is a super cynic in the best of ways likes to tell me I’m “all love”, which I take as the highest compliment given, ever.  I know that’s cheesy but it’s what I want to be remembered for and what I want to live by - loving people.  

Oh, did you mean what do I grow in the dirt?  We just planted a packet of wildflower seeds, some daisies, and the pumpkin plant that is Lola’s second grade project in the backyard on Mothers Day. We’ll see how they grow!