Lady Briefs (Vol. 15)

Lindsey Marie Gau

What makes you feel strong?

I feel strong when I use my body physically such as; practicing yoga, rock climbing, paddling or portaging a canoe. I think as a woman in this world, I have been taught to suppress my thoughts and beliefs. So when I am able to find my voice and express myself in difficult and scary situation I feel emotionally and mentally strong. 

What was your last piece of nourishment?

Having to think about this question made me realize I have not been nourishing myself enough lately, so thank you for asking. I would have to say the last thing I did that was nourishing was planting the garden for the community of people I am so lucky to live life with. 

What do you grow?

My spirit. This means doing things that fill up my spirit and expand my awareness. From being in nature, to connecting with others in deeper and meaningful way, or just being. Anything that makes me aware of my aliveness and connection to this big and beautiful world and all of her creatures. 


Lindsey is Co-founder of Spirit Guiding Adventures, guided rock climbing, rappelling and canoe trips in northern Minnesota.