Winter Squash Roundup

Winter squash are popping up everywhere and hopefully in your garden too. Gorgeous, and delicious, these are just a few of our favorite edibles along with their ideal cooking methods. Keep in mind these will keep for months in a dry dark cupboard.

1. Sugar Pie Pumpkin: The obvious choice for pies, but we love roasting it for Pumpkin Soup. 
2. Carnival: Mild and savory, keep it simple by roasting in butter and brown sugar. 
3. Spaghetti: An excellent healthy alternative to pasta the flesh separates into spaghetti like strands once cooked. 
4. Red Kuri: Savory and buttery, popular for it's edible skin. Great braised or in soups. 
5. Buttercup: Dry, sweet and stringless. We love using this with curry, especially in soup form. 
6. Delicata: Sweet potato like flavor, awesome sliced and roasted with olive oils, s+p.
7. Turban: Mild and nutty, use in recipes that call for sugar pumpkin.
8. Butternut: Sweet and mild, roast this cubed/peeled with a granny smith apple and onions for soup or eat alone.
9. Sweet Dumpling: Sweet and mild. Perfect for roasting whole or in cubes.