Women's History Month | Women's Land Army

In honor of Women's History Month, we'd like to highlight the badass women of the Women's Land Army.

Before Rosie the Riveret, there was the Women's Land Army of America.

The WLAA was a civilian organization formed during WWI to replace many men who had been working on the land in agriculture and forestry as they went off to war, inspired by the Land Girls of Great Britain.

Many of the women  who stepped up to fill their shoes were college educated and had never worked on a farm before. The WLAA was organized in 42 states and employed over 20,000 women from 1917 to 1919.

They often lived directly on the farms or in nearby hostels and did this work when an increase in workers and food production was needed, despite the poor pay somewhat tough working conditions. Way to go ladies.

Most wore uniforms consisting of breeches, stockings, long sleeved fawn shirt, black boots and a pullover sweater with badges. This, along with 8hr work days and equal pay, were notable steps in women's progress during that time.

Since I'd never heard of this organization before, my next Google inquiry was, can women still join? I mean how amazing would it be if this still existed?! Well, it turns out it doesn't, not really. I found a few Facebook groups but nothing that looked fully organized or in action.

What would a women's land army look like today?

My vote would be for a civic volunteer version of this, complete with projects, badges, community meetings and more - just like the good ole Girl Scouts... except instead of selling cookies, we'd replenish the land!

Plus, who doesn't want a rad uniform and the chance to hang with some fellow awesome ladies?

Sign me up, please!!

"For a Happy Healthy Job"  WLA

"For a Happy Healthy Job"  WLA

"Call to Farms", U.S. Crop Corps

"Call to Farms", U.S. Crop Corps

"Enrol Today" WLA

"Enrol Today" WLA

To learn more about the Women's Land Army, check out the book Fruits of Victory or the BBC drama, Land Girls.

And remember, for a Happy Healthy Job... Enlist Today!