2015 Year in Review

We've been producing T&D for almost two years now. In that time we've gotten a lot of great questions about what exactly it is that we do. Like, how do you make money? Where can we buy your produce? Can you landscape my yard? What type of consulting do you do? We're glad you asked!! But the answer to all these questions is well... no. We don't really do any of that (yet).

So what DO we do? 

We produce original content. That's right. Content. Meaning stories, pictures, illustrations, how-to's, everything you see on the site, we've produced in house. 

We've interviewed over 20 farmers and producers, shared recipes and growing tips (or fails), and worked hard to shine a brighter light on the incredible things happening in the local food movement. From experts to amateurs, newbies to hippies, we've learned a lot more than we ever thought was possible. 

To back up, this blog was born from of our own desires to better understand our food system, educate ourselves on how we could participate and inspire others to do the same. This has absolutely been a labor of love that we do with our own time and money on the side as it fits arounds our busy work and family lives. We hope that something, somewhere on this site has piqued your interest, but here's a look at what our readers loved most in 2015:

Let's remember that all this great content hasn't been produced alone. No sir! We've gotten all kinds of amazing help. From our illustrator partners, Ashley Mary and Rachel Rolseth, our photographer partners Sean O'Brien, Lauren Carpenter, Nicholas Littlefield and yours truly in more recent months. We've also received content support from Jim Dropps, Kathy Rysgaard, Matt FrankTherese Sterling-Little, Rebecca Lunna, Jennifer DickinsonKate Sommers and Charlotte Cooper.

We were fortunate enough to be featured by some great organizations this year including Lakes & Legends Brewing Co., We Are OTA, Make it Minnesota and Specimen Magazine. Not to mention all the support from our friends and families... it's a humbling list of helpers!! But none of this would have been possible if it weren't for our late grandmothers, Tootie & Dotes, who's entrepreneurial spirit, get-it-done attitude and no fuss approach, inspired us to follow a little closer in their footsteps. To them, we are forever grateful and we hope our tiny corner of the internet inspires you to follow your dreams, whatever they may be. 

There's a ton of exciting things in the works for 2016, but in the meantime, we hope you'll share your own stories as well as requests for what you want to learn, see and explore with us in the coming year. We can't wait to dig in!!

THANK YOU! We couldn't do this without you. xoxo