Video Inspiration | Vancouver's Food Strategy

It's so inspiring to take a look around the world and see how other cities and communities are responding to challenges ahead. 

The City of Vancouver launched a city wide Food Strategy 

"Creating a system for producing, processing, distributing, and consuming food that is environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable is a City priority."

don't take our word for it, watch here for yourselves!

Below is more information from the cities webpage:

"Launched in January 2013, the City of Vancouver's Food Strategy represents the culmination of over ten years of policy, planning and community organizing towards the creation of a healthy, just and sustainable food system. None of this would be possible without the creativity and dedication of countless individuals, community groups, and local businesses.

One of the main goals of the Greenest City initiative is to become a global leader in urban food systems by 2020. 

To achieve this goal, the City has started a number of major food initiatives. Council is working to:

  • Establish partnerships with private businesses, non-profit groups, and volunteers
  • Develop innovative new policies and regulations to create a sustainable food system
  • Increase public awareness of the link between local food and a healthy environment
  • Invest in urban food projects through grants and funding
  • Increase city and neighbourhood food assets by 50%"

City of Vancouver: Thien Phan, Wendy Mendes, James O’Neill

Film Maker: Farzine MacRae, MacRae Multimedia

Keep up the great work gang!